Who’s Your Daddy?

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Hugh Higgenbotham, Instructor, Memphis, TN: I am teaching a course in genealogy at the University of Memphis, Continuing Ed. Department. I saw your book and loved it. I plan to use it in my class and encourage my students to buy it. I am trying to put together all the "good stuff" and your book hits the nail on the head. If I can do anything for you please feel free to call on me.

Betty Schmid, Family researcher, Edmond, OK:  I loved your program and will be getting a book or two at the next meeting. What a delightful presenter you are with fabulous content in your program.

Marty Blazy, Family researcher, OKC: I attended the January OGS meeting where you presented the program and your book. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I am in the process of writing a story for the Family Story Contest and your efforts helped me decide to do it. Thanks.

Mollie Levite Griffis, Writer & Publisher, Levite of Apache, Norman OK: Been meaning to tell you how much I liked the cover of  “Who's Your Daddy?”...anybody who says you can't tell a book by its cover hasn't seen it!

Mary Jane Swartz, Family historian, Sparta, WI:  I have really enjoyed your book. I still have my brick walls but you have so many good suggestions that I will definitely make use of the book.

Linda Gayle O’Hern, Attorney, Writer & Book Reviewer, OKC: “...A thorough, well-organized guide to genealogy research, it comes with a website for free form downloads. From identifying gravestone symbols and art, court records research, internet resources and newspaper records, interview techniques and questionnaires, military and tribal records, church archives, DNA and copyright info, this book has it all in a concise paperback format of 237 well-indexed pages. It is also a fun read filled with anecdotes of how to become a family historian.”

Eddie Bishop, Family historian, Lacey, WA: “Just a quick note to let you know that I received your book earlier this week and I'm loving it. You made my day just a few moments ago when I read my very first email to you in your book. Thank you for using my first email to you, detailing how I tracked you down by googling Buffalo234 to illustrate your point in a humorous way. Congratulations on the publication of your book.Well done! "

Raymona Anderson, Writer, Bentonville, AR: Got your book, and simply scanning it am inspired that I might try to learn the truth about my mysterious, maternal grandmother. "Who's Your Daddy?" is now on my bedside book stand for "next read."

Judy Alderson, Author,  Collinsville, OK: “I started reading your book "Who's your Daddy?" that I got at the Chisholm Trail Book Fair, and can see it is going to be very helpful. Just in the few pages I have read, you have me interested again in digging deeper to learn more about my grandfather and not giving up on what had looked to be a dead end.”

James Cozine, Researcher, Las Vegas:  “Finished reading your book last night -- I learned a lot and it is a very easy read. Thanks for all those Cozine tales as examples.”

Patty Miller Henson, Former classmate, Texas: “WOW! I'm properly impressed !  I ordered your book to use as a Christmas present for my sister-in-law who has been tracing families on all sides for several years, mostly from the computer (with a lot of errors and deadends). I thought she would enjoy it, and after scanning it last night, I'm sure it will be a good gift. It is as bonus that I went to school with the author, and actually know the Les who hurt her feelings in the 5th grade.”

Billie Fogarty, M.Ed; National Genealogical Society, Genealogical Speakers Guild, “Who's Your Daddy? can turn anyone into a family historian!  It teaches the basics of genealogical research in a fun, readable adventure with lots of interesting anecdotes and examples. Carolyn guides you through the process so skillfully that you will be saying ‘I can do that!’ before you have even finished the book.”

WE THE PEOPLE, BY SHARON BURNS, Published in Daily Oklahoman on 14 December 2009

This book ideal gift for genealogists


A new book, "Who’s Your Daddy? A Guide to Genealogy From Start to Finish,” by local author, historian and genealogist Carolyn Leonard, makes a great gift for the avid researcher and beginning family historian.

Leonard encourages readers to have fun with their hobby while learning research methods, exploring basic rules of genealogical evidence and evaluating source materials. A short true story is included in each chapter, followed by how to record and share the information.

Research begins with yourself, working backward to your parents and grandparents. Suggested places to search for information at home include the family Bible, scrapbooks, newspapers, family heirlooms, legal papers, old photos and journals.

The two basic charts used for recording data are the ancestor chart and family group sheet. These charts plus other charts for recording information are available for free download from www.WhosYourDaddyBook.com. Click on "free stuff” in the upper right-hand corner of the page and scroll down the selection of charts. Click on the link to download and print the chart.

Next, the author recommends writing a "memoir” about yourself before interviewing relatives so you will know what to "ask, listen for and record” when conducting the interview. The chapter includes suggestions for writing your own history.

The book also provides basic, easy-to-read information about census records, old handwriting, dating old photographs, recording sources and getting organized. Once these sources have been explored, continue by posting queries in genealogical publications where ancestors lived and researching online.

Cyndi’s List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet, www.cyndislist.com, provides an alphabetical index and links to genealogical research Web sites. Rootsweb.com is one site that hosts mailing lists for posting queries. Leonard encourages researchers to visit courthouses, libraries and cemeteries in areas where ancestors lived to obtain copies of their land, marriage, court, church and cemetery records.

The 238-page paperback book is available for $17.95 plus postage and can be ordered online from www.awocbooks.com, amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com; or ordered by telephone from (940) 395-2836. For an autographed copy, e-mail the author at carolynleonard@me.com.

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ISBN: 978-0-937660-59-1

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